Sam & Matt - a Pre-wedding Couples portrait shoot in Hatfield Forest.

Samantha & Matthew wanted to involve daughters Paige and Tilly in their pre-wedding shoot (and you'll see why - they are gorgeous!), so we arranged a shoot during the school holidays in the beautiful Hatfield Forest.  You'd think being the beginning of June, we'd be in for a lovely day, but, as this is the UK, we got a cold, windy, wet one instead!  These guys are troopers though and we persevered - the trees giving us some shelter and the moody skies giving us alot of atmosphere - finishing up with a round of well deserved hot chocolates in a cosy pub!  I've got my fingers crossed that this was their bad weather day and the sun will shine on them all in July!!

Come follow me, I'd love to have you on board!

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