I'm a book lover.  I'm a book lover and a photographer.  I totally embrace the digital age that we live in - how wonderful to have all of your images delivered digitally so you can choose to print, create wall displays and share with your loved ones.  But, I really believe that you cannot beat a book.  They hold promise, adventure, beauty and your wedding photography deserves to be in one.   I offer these stunning albums, made with absolute love and care, printed on museum grade paper with a microfold to show your images to perfection and without distraction.  They come in contemporary colour cover choices and finished in linen and are enveloped in a cotton bag before being delivered in a matching box.  These albums are so beautiful, they even arrive with gloves so if you'd rather not have that exquisite paper spoiled by the natural oils on your fingers, you can keep your book in the perfect condition it arrived in.  These are, without doubt, a family heirloom, to be looked at and enjoyed for years to come.  Contact me for more details.

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