It's 30 Minutes time again!  This month we thought we'd break some rules, ditch the rat race and head down south (as pretty far south as you can get!) to Cornwall, one of the UK's most beautiful places, with dramatic coastlines and incredible beaches.  We had fabulous weather, we could've been on the Med, except this one morning when we went out rock pooling when we were treated to some of Cornwall's best sea mist!  We also lucked out with the sea life but the girls made their own entertainment.  Our schools here are clamping down their rules on time away from school, so it was a real last minute decision to make the most of what time we had left before we can't just take off anymore.   After all, they are only little once.

Follow our blog around to see what the other talented 30 Minutes girls have been up to by heading over to see what's happening in South Florida - the world of the wonderful Sharleen N Stuart Photography!  See you next month!

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