One thing I try and encourage my couples to do is a pre-wedding shoot, a trial run before the big day.  I mean, how many of us can actually say that we're comfortable with a camera pointed in our direction?!  I know I can't, I much prefer being my side!  Debbie and Simon opted to kill two birds with one stone and meet up for a chat about final details then head off for a half hour shoot, and it works perfectly!  Although I believe that sneaking off for couples portraits on your wedding day is great for a bit of time out,  a few moments to reflect on the HUGE thing you've just done, you'll still be wanting to get back to your guests and enjoy the fruits of your labour!  Knowing what to expect during your portraits will make it much less nerve-wracking, you'll both find it easy to relax resulting in beautiful, emotive photos and you'll get back to the party faster!  Win!

And, as if you need another selling point, you'll end up with some extra bonus photographs of the two of you during the build up to one of the most exciting times of your lives!  What's not to love!? 

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