I hadn't even contemplated attempting a 365 Project.  It was something I literally decided to do on the spur of the moment on New Years Day 2014.  My two younger girls had dressed as ballerinas and were bouncing on my bed.  I thought I'd go for it.  I thought I'd quit.  I never thought I'd get through it and, if I'm honest, at times it's been a slog - I had a bit of a creative block during the Spring when my camera felt like a traitor to me and I liked nothing that I shot. Once I stopped comparing what I was shooting to what I'd seen other photographers, that seemed to dissipate.  I wasn't trying to impress anyone, this was a simple exercise for me to document the year, to have a reason to pick up the camera and photograph my life.  What I hoped I'd have at the end of it was a visual record of the little changes in the girls appearance when I flicked through - faces a little less chubby, toothless grins appearing and disappearing.  That's there.  I hoped to have images to jog my memory of the little things that I'd easily forget, not just the big adventures we had that would be easily remembered, like the way Florence looked after eating a bowl of soup or Grace's first handstand. That's there too. I've also got images of them that I know will be among my favourites forever and that, to me, is priceless.  I also have a massive sense of achievement.  365 Project.  I did that.  It makes me hungry for more, for another goal, it makes me believe in myself a little more, and, if your'e a creative, you'll know that's priceless too!  So here it is.  2014 through my lens.

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