This time last year, I had no idea what would be in store with regards to wedding photography.  I had a few booked in, that was enough to make me happy!  I knew I wanted to do some more second shooting, I also knew I wanted to push myself and learn new some techniques.  As it turned out, I did all that and more!  I second shot for some awesome photographers, and in doing so, I discovered a real love for second shooting - theres more time and opportunity to look for the unexpected and to think outside the box!  I also count myself very lucky to have been mentored this year by the tornado of talent that is Laura Babb of Babb Photo, who not only made me look at everything differently, to see the beauty in the harsh lines of an inner-city backdrop or to use shadow and light to my benefit, but has given me superb, invaluable advise!  

I've ended up covering more weddings than I ever expected to this year and can honestly say that I've loved each and every one.  I've shot big weddings in stunning country houses, small weddings in fairy light filled barns, intimate weddings in country pubs, I've also some beautiful church weddings this year.  I've chased sunsets, climbed into a viaduct, trekked across a muddy cornfield holding a step-ladder, shot on a London Bus.  I've listened to so many heartfelt and emotional speeches and captured the reactions - side-splitting laughter, so many tears and a whole lot of love.  Weddings bring out the best of people and I'm privileged to have been there to capture that.  

Here's where I say a big Thank You to my second shooter, partner in crime and my friend, Lesley-Anne of Purple Pear Tree Photography. Who see's what I see and so shoots what Id shoot and who always has my back!  My hubby Lee also deserves a high five - his support for me is unwavering, and, as I've spent way more hours editing in 2014 than ever before, he's picked up the slack (and the laundry and the hoover and the iron, though we won't mention the iron shaped burn in the middle of my lounge carpet...!) and lets not forget he's also picked up the kids!  I've no idea what 2015 will have in store but I do know that he'll be there right beside me.

So, if anyone you know is celebrating a Christmas engagement - point them in my direction because I cannot wait to do it all over again in 2015!

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